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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2001 ➔ Kindergarten As Learning Center: Children, Teacher and Computer in Classrooms


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Soojin Choi (designer)




With the aim of introducing mathematical ideas to children at the  kindergarten level, my project is to create an educational program that  reinforces understanding of pattern while simultaneously integrating  the technology into the kindergarten classroom. Using the designable  pattern maker, KinderBoard, children can have varied opportunities to  create, describe, represent, compare, extend and connect patterns.  

As a flexible program easily adapted to childrens’ learning needs, it  provides teachers with the type of modular curriculum common to the  kindergarten program. Teachers can easily plan and adjust their  interactions with children by combining and recombining small activity  chunks. Importantly, "learning by design" and investigation (Lehrer,  1998) is its conceptual base and the blueprint for its development.  While this approach to teaching young children is well-supported by  contemporary research and national association standards, there is  virtually little or no evidence of its realization in most current  instructional technology. My goal is a program that will begin to close  this gap by its fit with the everyday teaching and learning life in  classrooms.



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