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Nancy Chen (designer)




For my thesis project, I am interested in combining the scientific memory models  and facts in cognitive science, together with my imaginary interpretation on my own  memory experiences. In addition to the process of exploring my personal memory  journey, I would like to have the users think about the uniqueness of each of our own  inner mind.  Our memory is relied upon daily in everything we do and think, however, we  seldom appreciate the extraordinary gift and power invested in us. Our memory structure  is far more complicated than any machine man could build, and yet so little is known or  understood about it. How do our mind recall the past? Why do we remember the way we  remember? What is the significance of human memory? Could we function without our  memory? How does our memory relate to us as individuals? There are no quick and easy  explanations to human memory. The complexity comes in multiple layers, and most of  which are still unbeknownst to us. I am intrigued by our ability to link the past to present,  and project our self into the future with our memory. Equally fascinating is to know how  fragile our memories are, and how intense it feels to remember a sudden rushed back  memory when triggered by particular cues, like a smell, a sound, or the sight of an object.



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