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Nicole Antoinette Bent (designer)
Anezka Sebek (thesis advisor)
Jerry Lieberman (thesis advisor)
Stewart Ziff (thesis advisor)




As a Southerner who now lives in New York City, Tala has yet to become  accustomed to the city’s social climate and is prone to interesting experiences during  her commute to and from the ‘Boogydown Bronx.’ Tala takes note of the subtle  nuances of her experiences. As a result, she has many tales to tell. Her friend from her  hometown has grand ideas about the city that Tala hopes to dispel by sharing her  experiences borne of the urban architecture of the city. Tala, a confident and sensitive  young black woman embodies stylistic and cultural diversity. She reflects humorously  on her experiences, appreciating the diversity in style and social behavior. She is an  independent young woman with an appreciation for the beauty of her world. Beauty  comes in many forms, such as rustling leaves, rhythmic tones of turnstiles, and even in  the form of a seemingly rational woman on a New York City subway platform. It is this  seemingly rational woman who has inspired Tala’s tale for this thesis project. In this  animation, Tala recalls an encounter with a stranger on a New York City subway  platform, as an example of why her hometown friend should not think of New York City  as the best place to visit. Tala’s communication with the stranger on the subway  platform is the climax of the animation, followed by Tala’s reflection on the interaction  as the anti-climax. The story is interspersed with elaboration on Tala’s thoughts.  These elaborations give insight into Tala’s character and reflexive responses. In this  way, the story is told from Tala’s point-of-view.



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