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When I first embarked on trying to come up with an idea for my thesis project, I was faced with two major problems. The first problem being was making an  animation project, which would be both interesting and engaging to my audience  and me. The second problem was making this interesting and engaging project  simple enough for me to complete it in a year. There were many ideas floating  around in my head, but they all were too complicated for me to execute in the  time period that was allotted to me. The idea for this project first came to me  while I was listening to the radio. Every Saturday night /Sunday rooming a show  called The Night Flight featuring Chef Jackson comes on between the hours of  2am and 5am. This show features mainly rhythm & blues songs from the 50's,  60's and 70's. /love rhythm & blues music, particularly from this time period. I  think that this genre of music from this time period, features some of the greatest  music t ever written and produced. One of my dreams is to create a musical  using this genre of music as a catalyst to move the action of the story. I've  always felt that this type of music makes for good musicals because of the  melodramatic quality that exists within the lyrics of the songs and the sound of  the music. Musicals of this type sort of exist in plays like, G111ase and Little  Shop of Horrors. I especially like Little Shop of Horrors because in addition to  the music it also used an impoverished urban setting as a motif in the story. I  really feel that this is important as it relates to this type of music because in my  opinion rhythm & blues is very urban as opposed to straight blues, which comes  from a more southern and rural background. From these two art fonns, rhythm &  blues and the musical was bom the idea for my story about a guy named Barry, a  car named Car and a girl named Debbie Deziyah. Thus the title of my story is, A  Sweetheart Named Deziyah.



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