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Lena Dolata (designer)




“The Potter” examines the healing of the human state of being through  creativity and utilizes the non-verbal communication of movements by means of  expression. As a theoretical framework on the subject matter of creativity and  healing, the thesis draws primarily from the work of Psychologists J. Konrad  Stettbacher, Alice Miller and John E. Gedo. This research provides the tools by which  I can examine the aforementioned topic objectively and subjectively as well as it  enhances the final concept of the animation.  The animation’s non-verbal expression is researched and developed in  the realm of dance by means of motion studies with a ballet dancer whose  sensibilities materialize the aesthetics of my vision. A cohesive language of  movements has been sought to define the main protagonist’s character traits as well  as a communicative motion schema but more importantly to investigate the grounds  for a meaningful fusion between dance and animation by means of non-verbal  storytelling.  The thesis is an exploration and synergy of two spaces that coexist  within the boundaries of a visual frame and a time frame. The making of the  animation constitutes the scientific space, which is attributed with technical queries  and answers. In the meanwhile, the conceptual development occupies a space,  which is less concerned with the logic of a deadline although equally concerned with  a point of closure.



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