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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2001 ➔ Controlling the Uncontrollable: Pursuing the ‘Ideal’ Space for Contemporary Visual Art


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Eamon O'Kane (designer)




This thesis presents some possibilities for controlling the context of artworks and suggests creating immersive virtual environments for the experience of artwork. In the thesis I will use the the act of ‘drawing’ as a metaphor for the creative thinking process in order to develop notions of hybridisation of mediums. I will begin by discussing the development of the traditional mediums of image rendering, such as drawing and painting and how they have striven towards representing different levels of ‘realness’. I will then discuss how this urge heightened and developed further through the advent of photography and the development of cinema before outlining how these concerns of representation have affected the development of computer imaging. The outdated medium of the panorama will then be looked at in relation to the development of virtual technologies. In order to examine the controllability of the display of contemporary art utilising new and available technologies, I have chosen to complete three different projects which attempt to control the display of my own artwork in different ways. The constructions of these projects will be outlined and evaluated and a conclusion about the future possibilities of controlling the exhibition context of artworks will be drawn in relation to the text and CD-ROM projects.



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