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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2001 ➔ And the Lord Set a Mark on Cain: Signs of Criminality in the Age of New Technologies


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Dion Gutierrez (designer)
Anezka Sebek (thesis advisor)




My project, a video installation/happening, attempts a performative display of technology deployed to visibly disrupt notions of self—in other words to subjuagte notions of "selfhood" by importing ready-made criminal identities onto random viewers within the gallery setting. While gallery-goer-as-criminal might appear discordant, it is precisely that disjunction that my project hopes to explore and exploit. It points to how the subject/object binary can be disrupted through playing with how one is perceived and how one perceives oneself. In very basic "grammatical" terms, my project attempts to actualize the subject/object binary—"I see myself as an object or 'I'; I see myself in relation to others or as 'you'; and I see myself as part of a larger community or as 's/he.'" This casts perceptions of the self in any or all three of those categories into haute relief, and shows how those perceptions are mutable. Perception, and thus in some sense, identity construction, is shown as easily manipulated. What you see, then, is not always what you get.



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