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Douglas Choi (designer)




It was during one of yet another hot summer days we experienced last year, when  the first inspiration of my thesis project occurred to me. At the time, I was reading a  series of books called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. The books dealt with  issues regarding importance of managing personal finance assets, and how such matters  are taken lightly by many, although they bear great importance. Reading those books  came to my mind as a fresh stream of water soaking dry earth. Being an art student from  college, I seldom gave deep thoughts about my financial issues. Becoming the best  designer I could be was the only thing I had in mind, and I have to admit that I was  leaning on to the thought of an old saying, ‘once you become what you want to be,  everything will follow afterwards’. It was then, which I realized that the realm of the  reality has taken a silent, yet steady step towards my life and I can not rely on the ideals  forever, that there are things other than becoming a great designer that I should spare my  soul to. Some may accuse my thoughts being too one sided and sudden. I agree with  them. However, it was a nice starting point. Throughout this paper, I will document my  theory, of which I had developed and changed over the two semesters period given, and  the process and results within.



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