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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2001 ➔ Archived Environment for Developing Collaborative Web Projects


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Chae Hong Park (designer)




The concept is to develop an online environment for collaborated web  projects where each participating team member can efficiently communicate  and interact with other team members utilizing an integrated web  information archiving and accessing systems that optimize the overall  scheme of the information deployment and progress verification process  pertaining to the development of the web project.  

In this environment, team members are able to archive related information  and associated assets in web-based projects, such as, descriptive  documents, reference links, technical notes, design templates, images,  graphics, and communication between participants. They also can see the  process, compare initial plans against the current progress, review the  history of files and tasks, and avoid unnecessary redesigns. Several  functional and necessary system components are available in this  environment to increase productivity (e.g. document creating system, file  management system, scheduling system, search engines, message board, emailing  and simple instant message, and automatic backup systems).  

By enabling members to freely access information and resources to update  themselves and view the progress of the project development,  communication breakdowns can be minimized and a significant overall  improvement can be made. In addition, this particular structural design  offers greater range of flexibility and applicability. The design is not only  good for accessing and archiving information but is also good for members  retroactively learning critical project-related tasks, accomplishments, and  examining communication archives - especially when he or she happens to  return from long break or absence.



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