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Norman Norell collectionMoving images (KA0035.05) ➔ Norman Norell Spring/Summer 1968 Fashion Presentation

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A silent documentary of Norman Norell's Spring/Summer 1968 fashion presentation at 550 Seventh Avenue in New York City. The first few minutes show scenes of a busy Seventh Avenue, with clothing collections being moved between buildings; then moves inside 550 Seventh Ave., before the show begins, staff work on Norell's collection at sewing machines, Lauren Bacall chats with models in dressing room. The show itself takes place in a small room packed with observers.


KLPR-TV/712 S.E. 79/Okla.City, Okla.;Norman Norell Showroom Collection at 550 Seventh Avenue, 1964 [address crossed out];[return address:] Film Distributer's Service / 4328 Sunset Blvd. / Los Angeles, CA 90029 / For the Account of Television Enterprises Corporation [addressee] Mr. John Hansson / TV Station WMAL-TV / 4461 Connecticut Ave. / Washington, DC Film Title: Destination Inner Space Ship date: 11-9-67 Play date: Screening Carrier and Waybill No. AIRX COLL 79-00-11 [Handwritten:] Norell



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