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New School Human Relations Center event recordings ➔ Unidentified Richard Levy Lecture Fragment I

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New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997). Human Relations Center (producer)
Richard Levy (speaker)


circa 1969


The recording begins in the middle of a lecture by Richard Levy, in which he speaks about activism on campus, the Black Panthers, racism, the Students for a Democratic Society, and other political topics. Before the recording breaks off at minute 39:28, Levy seems to suggest that they have come to the end of the class session. The subsequent recording begins in the middle of a lecture, also by Richard Levy, on the subject of psychology, violence, and aggressiveness. The recording ends while the lecture is still in progress. Both sections of the recording may be out-of-sequence fragments from Levy's lecture,"On the Analytic Interpretation of the Psychology of Women," or from another lecture delivered as part of Anne Steinmann's course, Male Dilemma and Female Quandary: the search for greater understanding between men and women in today's society. Levy interacts with the members of the class periodically throughout the recording.


Reel 2 Joe Levy-Male/Female Class.

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