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No Longer in Exile: The Legacy and Future of Gender Studies at the New School recordings ➔ Front Lines and Boundary Lines: Reports from a Developing Field (Session 4)

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Maria Pia Lara (panelist)
Zhou Suiming (panelist)
L. H. M. Ling (panelist)
Elaine S. Abelson (panelist)
Bonnie McEwan (panelist)
Tracy Robin (panelist)
Keisha Davenport-Ramirez (panelist)
Raluca Soreanu (panelist)
Ximena Garcia Bustamante (panelist)
Julieta Chaparro-Buitrago (panelist)
Michelle Leve (panelist)
Silvia Fernandez-Campos (panelist)
Jon Dimond (panelist)
Chris Crews (panelist)
J. Ricky Price (panelist)
Suzanne Exposito (panelist)
Katie Detwiler (moderator)
Chelsea Estep-Armstrong (moderator)
Ann Barr Snitow (moderator)


March 27 2010


This final session will explore different possible configurations of the field, with reports from a number of locations. We will not only discuss our visions for the future but also how we might begin to actualize them. What projects of building and construction can come after the project of deconstruction? This discussion will particularly seek to identify what interdisciplinarity means in our institution and will inquire what is has meant elsewhere.

This last session is a series of very short presentations, responses and reflections both from students and from all the speakers about what we have experienced together and provides an opportunity for extended discussion.



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