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No Longer in Exile: The Legacy and Future of Gender Studies at the New School recordings ➔ Gender Studies and Body Politics: Intersections, Directions, Representations (Session 3)

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Cheryl Buckley (panelist)
Judith Halberstam (panelist)
Laura Y. Liu (panelist)
Joseph Heathcott (panelist)
Randi Irwin (panelist)
H. Howell Williams (panelist)
Lisa Rubin (moderator)
Tracyann Williams (speaker)
Hazel Clark (speaker)
Laura Auricchio (speaker)


March 27 2010


The second session on Saturday will focus on a range of directions in which Gender Studies has traveled: queer theory, popular culture, visual culture, sub‐cultures and the politics of the body. We will also ask how these theoretical stands intersect with such New School structural policies as maternity leave, child care and IVF. Students will present research on New School policies inspired by the question “how separate is the knowledge that we produce from the conditions under which we are producing it?”



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