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Roy Wilkins (speaker)
New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997) (sponsoring body)


May 14 1964


Roy Wilkins begins by thanking the audience for attending an hour earlier than usual. He explains that as a leader within the NAACP, he must attend to its upcoming Freedom Spectacular, to benefit the NAACP’s voter registration work in the South. He also details the amount of cash bond monies that the NAACP has dispensed in support of such work, and announces that Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton will be attending the Spectacular. He discusses the Supreme Court cases of Brown v. Board of Education as well as Plessy v. Ferguson; he also details a number of specific ongoing actions in which the NAACP is involved: fair housing legislation in California, voting rights advocacy in the south, work to ensure fair funding of public schools in Boston’s African-American community, and the Civil Rights Act. During the question and answer portion, there is discussion of the Supreme Court’s phrase from Brown v. Board, “with all deliberate speed,” the proposed integration of New York City schools, an upcoming demonstration at New York’s City Hall, and socialist theory as applied to civil rights advocacy.





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