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Vera List Center for Art and Politics audiovisual collection event recordings (ONGOING)Considering Joseph Beuys ➔ Considering Joseph Beuys Conference Lectures "Joseph Beuys and American Anti-Form Art" and "Beuyspeak"

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Considering Joseph Beuys

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Vera List Center for Art and Politics (sponsoring body)
Dirk Luckow (speaker)
Kathleen Goncharov (presenter)
Joseph Beuys (subject)
Terry Atkinson (speaker)


April 6 1995


This audio recording covers one partial lecture and one full lecture from the Vera List Center-sponsored conference, Considering Joseph Beuys.

Dirk Luckow continues his lecture on "Joseph Beuys and American Anti-Form Art,"  concluding at 11:07.

At 26:09, Kathy Goncharov introduces Terry Atkinson, who gives a lecture titled "Beuyspeak," on the role of language, voice, talking and vocabulary in Joseph Beuys's art. The lecture continues on to Side B, with Atkinson criticizing Beuys's approach to language as incoherent and overly esoteric.


J. Beuys April 6, 95 / Tape 2 orig;J. Beuys April 6, 95 / Tape 3 orig

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