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Vera List Center for Art and Politics audiovisual collection event recordings (ONGOING)Considering Joseph Beuys ➔ Considering Joseph Beuys Conference "Social Sculpture" Panel and "Actions and Environments" Question and Answer

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Considering Joseph Beuys

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Vera List Center for Art and Politics (sponsoring body)
Belinda Cooper (presenter)
Johannes Stüttgen (panelist)
David Rieff (panelist)
Babeth (panelist)
Walter Dahn (panelist)
Jan Hoet (panelist)
Mario Kramer (panelist)
Armin Zweite (panelist)
Joseph Beuys (subject)


April 5 1995


This audio recording covers the conclusion of one panel and a combined question and answer period for two panels from the Vera List Center-sponsored conference, Considering Joseph Beuys.

In the "Social Sculpture" panel, Walter Dahn and Johannes Stuttgen continue to speak. At 2:07, Belinda Cooper invites questions from the audience for both this set of panelists (Dahn, Stuttgen, Babeth and David Rieff) and the previous panel (Jan Hoet, Mario Kramer and Armin Zweite), which ran over time. Discussion is focused on Rieff's comments on the discussion of Beuys's work having its own esoteric "language" and to what extent this language is translatable to America. 

Discussion continues on side B. At 4:57, Belinda Cooper concludes the panel. 


Beuys Conference 4/5/95 Tape 3

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