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Independent Study Oral History Project on New School History ➔ Audio interview with Sondra Farganis



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Audio interview with Sondra Farganis. April 9 2013. Independent Study Oral History Project on New School History. New School Archives and Special Collections Digital Archive. Web. 15 Jul 2019

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In this audio interview with Gerard Hemmerle, Sondra Farganis outlines her intellectual development, including her time in Australia, her marriage to fellow Brooklyn College professor James Farganis, and the thinkers who have shaped her understanding of phenomenology. She speaks of her relationships with New School presidents Jonathan Fanton and Bob Kerrey. She addresses her involvement in the anti-Vietnam War movement, including the counseling of draft resistors, and how her feelings of guilt over the racial and economic repercussions of her actions intersect with those of Bob Kerrey. She also mentions a host of faculty, including members of the Graduate Faculty, and some memorable students and classes, discusses her friendship with Vera List, and describes public programs she directed at the Wolfson Center.