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The New School oral history program ➔ Audio interview with Deirde Boyle



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Audio interview with Deirde Boyle. September 6 2012. The New School oral history program. New School Archives and Special Collections Digital Archive. Web. 21 Jul 2019

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In this audio interview with librarian Carmen Hendershott, media studies professor Deirdre Boyle recounts the evolution of The New School’s Media Studies program from its initial inception as the Center for Understanding Media, under John Culkin. She also discusses the growth in the program’s enrollment, the influence of Marshall McLuhan during the chairmanship of Peter Haratonik, and the emphasis on combining theory with practice. Boyle describes the courses she has taught, including a class on death and media. Also mentioned are the successive program chairs as well as Dean Anne Balsamo, and significant annual events, such as the McLuhan scholar presentations; the Mixed Messages student work showcase; Critical Themes in Media Studies conferences; the Dorothy Hirshon springtime festival; and the multi-day student documentary film festival at the end of the academic year. Finally, Boyle identifies the establishment of the Faculty Senate and of the expansion of regular full-time and part-time faculty outside of the New School for Social Research as major developments at the university-level.