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New School publicity scrapbook collection ➔ Press clippings 9: 1930-1936, 1939

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Max Ascoli (subject)
Charles A. Beard (subject)
Thomas Hart Benton (subject)
Minna Citron (subject)
Horace B. Davis (subject)
Camilo Egas (subject)
Robert Frost (subject)
J.B.S. Haldane (subject)
Richard Joseph Neutra (subject)
Koppel S. Pinson (subject)
Ernst Toch (subject)



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Subjects include: Max Ascoli Charles A. Beard Thomas Hart Benton Brochures, courses: New School concerts and lectures Minna Citron (American printmaker, exhibited at New School) Horace B. Davis (labor historian, activist, New School instructor) Caroline O'Day (American politician, first female Democrat elected to Congress, New School guest lecturer ) Camilo Egas Robert Frost (American poet, New School guest lecturer) J.B.S. Haldane (British geneticist and evolutionary biologist, New School guest lecturer) Richard Neutra (Viennese-born architect, New School instructor) New York Folk Festival Council (an organization devoted to preserving and celebrating ethnic dance styles): performances held at the New School Pamphlet: New School Associates Koppel S. Pinson (German historian, New School instructor) Press announcement: Masters and Doctoral Social Science degree-granting programs at New School Ernst Toch (German-born composer, New School instructor)



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