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Mark Schmidt collection of Mobilization materials ➔ Footage from Mobilization Protests and Forum at The New School

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Laura Poitras (director)
Saradha Boopathi (director)
Roberta Silver (director)
Kira Kosnick (director)
Mobilization for Real Diversity, Democracy, and Economic Justice (speaker)


1996 – 1997


This video tape contains two edited clips from protests organized by the Mobilization for Real Diversity, Democracy, and Economic Justice at The New School during the 1996-1997 school year, as well as unedited footage from a forum held at the university on the Mobilization at the end of that year. The first edited piece is called "We've Come This Far" and is approximately four minutes in duration and includes footage from a protest held on December 17, 1996. The second is titled "Raising the Stakes" and was apparently produced for the People's Video Network. This piece is about five minutes long and documents the hunger strike held by members of the Mobilization, the "University in Exile," and the protest at which members of The New School administration were detained by protesters. The bulk of the video tape is unedited footage from a forum at which both members of the Mobilization and their opponents spoke out about the protests. The tape ends with an unrelated animation.


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