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Giuseppe Zambonini papersBiographical and teaching (KA0130.01) ➔ Donald Judd, Giuseppe Zambonini, and Lauretta Vinciarelli

Photographic Material

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Giuseppe Zambonini (subject)
Donald Judd (subject)
Lauretta Vinciarelli (subject)


circa 1977

Work Type

photographic prints


In 1977, Zambonini and Michael Kalil founded the Open Atelier of Design (initially the Open Atelier of Design and Architecture). The OAD's philosophy combined a design school with an apprentice program and working design studio, seeking to balance practice and application with theory and history. Through the Open Atelier, Zambonini merged interior design, architecture, industrial design and theater, emphasizing process exploration through drawing and full-scale making.

Instructors and lecturers at the Open Atelier included Marco Frascari, George Ranalli, Lauretta Vinciarelli, Peter Eisenman, Richard Serra, Steven Holl, Jean Gardner, and Allan Wexler, among others


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