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Giuseppe Zambonini papersWritings (KA0130.05) ➔ Giuseppe Zambonini Interview for Yale Perspecta 24

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Perspecta (sponsoring body)
Giuseppe Zambonini (speaker)
Gerrit Thomas Rietveld (subject)
Carlo Scarpa (subject)
Mario Bellini (subject)
Louis Kahn (subject)
Luis Barragán (subject)
Mario Botta (subject)
Le Corbusier (subject)
Donald Judd (subject)
Paul Klee (subject)
Frank Lloyd Wright (subject)
Hannah Arendt (subject)
Antonio Gramsci (subject)
Michael Kalil (subject)
Marco Frascari (subject)
Peter Eisenman (subject)


circa 1988


Giuseppe Zambonini defines, in an interview for Yale Perspecta 24, the Open Atelier of Design (OAD) design-build practice, citing Scarpa, Kahn, Botta as positive examples. Dearth of vocational schools for craftspeople in the US; early work in radio. Defines quality. Donald Judd's plywood boxes: “extreme high quality not necessarily in the material but in the cut." Richard Serra’s sculpture: “extraordinary quality of strength, simplicity expressed by one material cut and presented in a certain way.” Division of labor and the impact on the worker.



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