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Giuseppe Zambonini papersOpen Atelier of Design Lecture Series ➔ Alan Plattus Lecture

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Vitruvius (subject)
Bernard Tschumi (subject)
Marcus Aurelius (subject)
King Henry IV (subject)
Christopher Wren (subject)
George Dewey (subject)
Gaston Bachelard (subject)
Alan Plattus (speaker)




Part 1: Alan Plattus presents recent research: 16th-century Paris (urban performance, pageantry). Boundaries (birth of Rome). Urban routes. Triumphal arches/destination view. Perspective (Lyon). King and City: Reign of King Henry IV. Transformation of urban space: decorative, imaginative, ceremonial. Pont-Neuf. Place Royale. Place Dauphine. Contemporary ritual and limits.



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