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Giuseppe Zambonini papersOpen Atelier of Design Lecture Series ➔ Giuseppe Milani Lecture: Three Projects: One Form




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Giuseppe Milani Lecture: Three Projects: One Form. 1981. Giuseppe Zambonini papers; Open Atelier of Design Lecture Series. New School Archives and Special Collections Digital Archive. Web. 20 Jul 2019


Giuseppe Milani describes his architectural philosophy and two main phases of his practice. He presents sixteen projects and competitions, dating from 1964, with slides. Giuseppe Zambonini translates from Italian to English. Among the projects discussed: several residential projects (including the village co-op of nineteen houses, south of Rome); two cemeteries (Puglia and Calabria); competitions (Udine opera theatre; Les Halles). One residential project, a three-family house in Naples, 1966, refers to the Goldenberg house by Louis Kahn (never built). Zambonini mentions that the Goldenberg drawings were the first images of Kahn’s to arrive in Italy.