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Allan Wexler Lecture: "Single Ideas for Small Buildings". 1980. Giuseppe Zambonini papers; Open Atelier of Design Lecture Series. New School Archives and Special Collections Digital Archive. Web. 17 Jul 2019


Allan Wexler discusses his work and influences: transformation of a tree into an architectural element. When does nature end and architecture take over? Projects: Seed Architecture (circa 1976); Tree Transformations (1976). Forest architecture. Drawings transformed into models. Isolating elements of the house. Current work: building variations of enclosed space using limited material. Presents drawings recently exhibited at The Drawing Center: chair transformed. Levittown House Proposals (mid-1970s). “Practice” of architecture. Teaching. Proposal: World Trade Center transformed into Empire State Building (lighting). Rhode Island School of Design Mechanical Museum (1971). Question and answer with Open Atelier of Design (OAD) students.