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Giuseppe Zambonini papersOpen Atelier of Design Lecture Series ➔ Michael Webb and Christo Lectures

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Michael Webb (speaker)
Christo (speaker)


circa 1979


Opens with questions for unnamed female architect (probably Diana Agrest). Michael Webb lecture in progress begins 42:00. Discusses his work: an oil painting, drawing based on two interpretations (map/bed). Tape cuts to Christo at 47:26. Discusses his in-progress projects The Pont Neuf Wrapped (1975-1984); The Gates (Central Park, 1975-2005). Question and answer with Open Atelier of Design (OAD) students and Giuseppe Zambonini. Cuts back to Webb at 1:03:37. He continues to discuss his drawing practice; Temple Island (Henley-on-Thames, 1985).



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Digitization of audiotapes funded by a grant obtained by Robert Kirkbride from Parsons' School of Constructed Environment.

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