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Giuseppe Zambonini papersOpen Atelier of Design Lecture Series ➔ Christian Hubert (part 2 of 2) and James Wines (part 1 of 2) Lectures

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Giuseppe Zambonini and Open Atelier of Design (OAD) students discuss socio-economic class and architecture. Impact of color. 46:15 New talk: James Wines. Offers frame of reference to describe the current architectural situation. Stuck in modernism. There are many architectures. Quickly reviews architectural history. Glass buildings and energy use. Big issues for young architects: Communication; Energy conservation. Disconnect between what people like and what architects design. Corbusier: Villa Savoye. La Tourette. Venturi: mother’s house. Fascism. Desire to create universal iconography. Rossi: Gallaratese. New York Five. Eisenman most intelligent: structuralist/conceptualist. Formalist. Wines disagrees with Eisenman’s use of the word conceptual. Charles Jencks: The anecdotal.



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Digitization of audiotapes funded by a grant obtained by Robert Kirkbride from Parsons' School of Constructed Environment.

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