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Claudia Zambonini (subject)
Paul Klee (subject)
Gyorgy Kepes (subject)
George Braziller (subject)
New York School of Interior Design (sponsoring body)
Giuseppe Zambonini (speaker)


1973 – 1977



MLA Citation:

Giuseppe Zambonini Lecture. 1973 – 1977. Giuseppe Zambonini papers; New York School of Interior Design (KA0130.02). New School Archives and Special Collections Digital Archive. Web. 20 Jul 2019


Giuseppe Zambonini introduces students to concepts, assignments, and expectations for semester. Claudia McGuire introduced. Class breaks. Side A recording ends 58:46. Side B 1:04:50. Class resumes. Discussion of required texts by Paul Klee, György Kepes. Design terminology and communication.