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Roy F. Fleming (artist)
Frank Alvah Parsons (subject)
William Merritt Chase (subject)
Robert Henri (subject)
Edward Penfield (subject)
New York School of Art (subject)


1900 – 1907

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With entries dated between 1900 and 1907, the notebook, "Composition Scenes Illustrations Lectures," features lecture notes accompanied by diagrams, quick sketches, caricatures, doodles, and a color wheel. Many of the identified entries are from Frank Alvah Parson's lectures on composition, art history, and psychology. In some entries, Fleming transcribes lectures in the words of the lecturer, affording a direct glimpse at distinctive teaching approaches and philosophies. In addition to Parsons, lecturers include Robert Henri, William Merritt Chase, and Edward Penfield at the New York School of Art, and Henry H. Davis, Daniel A. Huebsch and others at venues around New York City, including the YMCA, Cooper Union, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Some notes appear to have been made in preparation for tests or exams focusing on art education.


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