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Dan Arje papers ➔ Bonwit Teller Window Display Featuring Women's Dress and a Men's Ensemble Inspired by Beau Brummell's "Dandyism" [Retail Reporting Copy]

Photographic Material

Related people/organizations

Bonwit Teller & Co (commissioner)
Virginia Roehl (photographer)
Gene Moore (designer)
Dan Arje (compiler)


November 1954

Work Type

photographic prints


8 in (width) x 10 in (height)


Bonwit Teller window display featuring both women and men's ensembles. The display features a blue painted back-wall with a floor designed to emulate marble. The men's ensemble is based upon Beau Brummell, a man famed for his fashion and "Dandyism". It consists of a long red coat, white shirt and pants, black boots and has film reel unravelling around his feet. The woman’s ensemble consists of a red dress with matching jewelry and heeled shoes. A banner at the bottom of the display reads "Our hats off to Beau Brummell... Dandy Parts by Casino"


Bonwit Teller/ Dresses/ Dis. Dir: Gene Moore/ Setup: The 'Dandy' influence invades window display! A new picture soon to be previewed in New York City is the inspiration for fashion and a series of window displays at Bonwit's. Movie film is unwound around the feet of 'Beau Brummell' and the mannequin. The floor is covered with glass panes under which brown marble-grain paper has been cemented. This creates a very realistic illusion of marble. Wall: Painted blue and flooded with blue light from floor troughs. Pink spotlights from ceiling are directed on the red-clad figures/ Card Copy:OUR HATS OFF TO BEAU BRUMMELL... DANDY PARTS BY CASINO.../ A November 1954 Issue/ Printed in the U.S.A./ 11-2-54-11C/ Views & Reviews/ Retail Reporting Bureau/ Milton B. Conhaim, Inc. 101 Fifth Ave., N.Y.3


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