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New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997). Graduate Faculty. (producer)
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art (producer)
Robert M. (Robert Martin) Adams (speaker)
T. J. (Timothy J.) Clark (speaker)
William Tucker (speaker)
Ira Katznelson (speaker)
Neil Harris (speaker)
Masao Yamaguchi (speaker)


October 11 – 12 1984


First and second day of The Presence of Myth in Contemporary Life conference, sponsored jointly by The New School's Graduate Faculty and The Cooper Union. Recording begins with the last 10 minutes of a lecture by Robert M. Adams on myth, language and eschcatology from the first day. The recordings continue with a second day roundtable discussion titled, ''Visual and Performing Arts,'' with Dore Ashton, Bruno Zevi, Timothy Clark, Earle Brown, Paul Rotterdam, Kenneth Frampton and William Tucker, followed by ''History and Culture'' with Ira Katznelson, Neil Harris, Masao Yamaguchi, Sheldon Wolin, Michel Perrin, Francesco Pellizzi and Carl Schorske. Next, Timothy Clark discusses Bruno Zevi's "The Seven Myths of Architechture" and Paul Rotterdam's "Myth and Art." William Tucker concludes the session. Ira Katznelson begins the next session, introducing Neil Harris and his paper, "Who Owns Our Myths? Some Reflections on Legal Status." Harris discusses Superman as myth and mass culture. The conference recording concludes with an introduction of the speaker, social anthropologist Masao Yamaguchi, with his paper, "Lulu: The Image of Woman in the Myths of the Fin de Siecle," in which he discusses the character Lulu, originally from the plays of Frank Wedekind.

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