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Seth Benardete lecture audio recordings 1982 – 2001

Collection, NA001501


The Seth Benardete lecture audio recordings collection consists of audio files of lectures given by the classics scholar and philosopher in his classes at The New School and New York University. There are no recordings from Benardete's City University of New York lectures present in this collection.

The lectures represent Benardete's courses on classical philosophy on subjects such as the works of Plato and Aristotle, among others.

Each course consists of a series of recordings covering the semester-long duration of that course. Unless otherwise indicated, the course titles consist of the official course number and full name of the course as listed in the New School Graduate Faculty course catalog.

The recordings were made by Benardete's students, David Blankensip, Bernard Jacobs, Richard Hartzman, and Kamyar Faroohar on cassette recorder.

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