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Giuseppe Zambonini papers 1949 – 2013

Collection, KA013001

Biographical and teaching (KA0130.01)
New York School of Interior Design (KA0130.02)
Open Atelier of Design (KA0130.03)
Projects (KA0130.04)
Writings (KA0130.05)
Open Atelier of Design Lecture Series circa 1977-1988


Through materials ranging from the 1960s through the 1980s, the Giuseppe Zambonini papers illuminate the work, philosophy, and aesthetic development of the Italian designer, covering his university career and early collaborations as theater director and producer in Venice, Italy, to his life as designer and teacher after his move to the United States. Items of note include Zambonini's thesis work with architect Carlo Scarpa; blueprints of Scarpa's work; photographs, posters, and film documenting Zambonini's role in the intersecting experimental theater and leftwing political scenes in northern Italy and France; documentation of his role as academic dean at the New York School of Interior Design; and a wealth of materials from the Open Atelier of Design, the school Zambonini founded and led. Especially noteworthy among Open Atelier materials are audio recordings from a roster of prominent visiting architects, critics, designers, and artists, as well as interviews, lectures, and classes led by Zambonini. Zambonini's residential as well as more speculative work is well represented by original plans and drawings, photographs, blueprints, and a model of a structure based upon one of Zambonini's dreams. Collection donated in 2013 by Claudia Zambonini, Melissa Grey, and Robert Kirkbride.

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