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Frank Alvah Parsons lectures on art and prints of period rooms 1917 – 1922

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Frank Alvah Parsons (1866-1930) began as an instructor at the New York School of Art in 1904. In 1911 he became director, renaming the school the New York School of Fine and Applied Art to reflect his reorientation of the institution's focus toward the practical design disciplines. The school was later renamed to honor Parsons' leadership. The collection is comprised of published editions of 21 of Parsons' lectures on art, and includes prints of period rooms he used to illustrate the lectures.;The collection consists of the text of 21 lectures given by Frank Alvah Parsons and published individually by Ross Studios between 1917 and 1922. The collection also includes approximately 100 black and white prints depicting historic rooms and four prints of color charts. Some prints are numbered and were most likely used by Parsons as visual aids. The publications may also have been sold bundled with illustrations.

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