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Saks Fifth Avenue fashion publicity collection 1954 – 1974

Collection, KA0018

Sophie Gimbel collections (KA0018.01)
General collections (KA0018.02)


The collection is comprised of 75 binders of fashion photographs and press materials promoting Saks Fifth Avenue’s clothing lines between 1954 and 1974, including Sophie Gimbel Originals, Ready to Wear, and Custom collections from 1954 to 1967. In addition to providing a rich visual record of the dramatic evolution of style over the course of two decades, the photographs, reproductions of fashion sketch sheets, press releases, and other publicity materials shed light on Saks' fashion business development and marketing strategy under the leadership of Helen O'Hagan, who succeeded Grace de Mun as Saks publicity director.

Related Archival Materials Note

The Kellen Design Archives holds a collection of Saks Fifth Avenue News (KA.0102), an in-house publication for Saks' employees, and a designer file on Sophie Gimbel. Additionally, the Fred Greenhill (KA.0022), Esta Nesbitt (KA.0086), and Juke Goodman (KA.0112) collections in the Kellen Design Archives include fashion illustrations created for Saks Fifth Avenue advertisements.

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