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Blake, Rebecca, 1949- (presenter)





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Rebecca Blake. 1985. New School-Parsons School of Design Department of Photography Focus Workshop audio recordings; Fashion Focus. New School Archives and Special Collections Digital Archive. Web. 21 Apr 2019

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A beauty and fashion photographer, Blake presents her work from various personal, commercial and film assignments and projects, then answers questions. She tells stories from her work in television commercials and personal projects, touching upon her aesthetic preferences and decisions. She shows work from a Faye Dunaway film: the director wanted a "female photographer's point of view." About being a woman in the world of professional photography, Blake says that when she started out she didn't think about the profession being more difficult for a woman. But later sexism became apparent, and Blake speaks about the need to cut through preconceived notions and prejudices. She does both personal and commercial work: "The personal played off the commercial and vice versa." Commercial work helps her learn to solve technical problems that she then can take back into her personal work. She also discusses the business aspects of her work, commenting that, "Staff are critical," and discussing how she has learned to work with and manage people in order to get creative results.